Tianjin " kind " give green lube to include national emphasis to extend a plan

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By south open university research and development use project of lube of castor oil preparation, include key of achievement of science and technology of ministry of national science and technology to extend a plan, obtain a country to invent patent. Current, the castor-oil plant that produces per year 10 thousand tons base complete synthesis is high-powered lube product line already built in Tianjin airport and investment is used.

According to retrieving, serve as base oil with castor oil ramification, then the research of modulation lube has not appear in the newspaper domestic and internationally. Limited company of science and technology of project of university castor-oil plant drives south the Tianjin of responsible project industrialization in order to give birth to corporeal the sources of energy -- castor-oil plant replaces oil to make fundamental raw material, splitting decomposition of extort of classics castor oil, catalysis, element recombines, green is chemical synthesis, harmonic wait for a few working procedure, manufacturing synthesis gives high-powered environment friendly model lube product. They still consult technology of production of domestic and international lube and detect equipment, the design built the manufacturing technological process that suits lube of castor-oil plant radical and manufacturing plant, make up corresponding instrument equipment. The test of petro-chemical scientific academy makes clear as a result, the manage of its lube finished product changes index of function index, viscosity grade function to achieve American oil consortium (API)SM quality scale, expert assess is international advanced level.
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