Gram petrifaction refine changes a courtyard to obtain authorization of 17 count

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Carat Ma changes an academy according to petrifaction company refine " the preparation craft of SBS modified bitumen " patent a few days ago by accredit of bureau of national intellectual property. This is refine changes a courtyard to file patent of the first invention from 1992 " one kind departs from inside pledging lube heat up in a steamer is divided again the method of cycloalkanes acid " since, the 17th acquisition authorization is patent.

Refine changes courtyard patent to apply for a domain to involve additive of oil refining chemical industry, bitumen, oil to taste not only reach its to produce engineering technology of pretreatment of craft, crude oil and field of technology of microbial oil extraction, still involve improve, perfect and existing experimental instrument equipment, patent technology applies Yu Lian extensively to turn production in, gained remarkable economic benefits and social benefit.

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