III of tall viscosity of tall viscosity PAO kind base oil China is built

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On April 24, 2008, shanghai accept restrains lubricant technology limited company in Shanghai Pudong card hotel of big Li Sheng held a press conference, what formal declaration home owns completely own intellectual property first sets is medium tall viscosity gets together α olefin (PAO) device is commercialized in Shanghai investment move. This suit buy is producible100 ℃Athletic viscosity between 10~100cSt get together α olefin (product of PAO) SinoSyn series, quality achieves international congener product level, in coming true to be in, tall viscosity gets together α olefin (enterprise of PAO) domain China " 0 " breakthrough.


In the meantime, shanghai accept overcomes lubricant technology limited company to use special alkylation technology, successful production gives the corresponding period
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