Dragon coil petrifaction " wisdom move " series product appears on the market in

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To get used to the need that the company grows and demand of contented and broad client, limited company of petrifaction of Jiangsu dragon coil faces the market to emphasized development development to be rolled out brand-new brake fluid product -- wisdom move brake fluid.

? ? ? "Instantaneous apply the brake, safety is held accuse " -- wisdom move brake fluid to use brand-new conduct a technology without block, make turn off a machine sharper firmer, let you face sudden incident to also can accuse along with heart palm! She provides some instantaneous apply the brake and outstanding chemical invariability, can make your love car more on the safe side, hold accuse times feeling to be at ease!

? ? ? Wisdom move fluid of set turn off a machine to already appeared on the market in the round now. Dragon coil petrifaction will be backing with mature scientific research technology, it is a foundation with high grade product quality, the car that is all trades and professions and factory equipment provide superior lubricant service.

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