Sino-French A9 double fuel starts city of engine oil face

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Limited company of Sino-French A9 advanced lube, already held the post of with promoting progress of environmental protection career to be, it is automobile industry, industrial and mining enterprises heart and soul, synergism, energy-saving service is a tenet, via you of both sides of collaboration of medium, law senior lube expert is developed meticulously, the industrial lube series that the car that has A9 distinctive technology uses with lubricating oil of double fuel engine and industrial and mining enterprises already came out now.


? ? ? The double fuel engine that applies to the car such as bus, taxi to use is oily, have fight the superior performance such as oxidation invariability and high temperature lubricity and kosher and dispersive sex admirably, what can satisfy sparkplug ignition and double fuel engine adequately is medium ash is kosher the use requirement that reachs mineral oil, those who achieved engine manufacturer requirement is medium use standard of motor of double fuel of lube of the quantity that contain ash and environmental protection requirement.

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