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Kang Fei will release new oil to taste

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Company of Kang Fei China will be inOn August 1, 2008, face whole China market to roll out two new oil to taste, silver-colored fast bully SM and fast enlighten SG/CNG.

Feedback through long-term market survey and agency, growth of Chinese car market is rapid, high-grade car scale increases ceaselessly, the market environment that high-grade oil tastes is better and better, the user is approbated degree rise accordingly. But the oil of complete synthesis SM of top class to international standard is tasted for still let an user feel Yao cannot be reached, what the user needs is level tall but the oil with reasonable price is tasted. Because this passes the research with ceaseless personnel of health humble technology, rolled out oil of standard of a blame synthesis that accords with market user need SM to taste eventually, this oil tastes appear on the market be sure to bring high-grade car user brand-new experience.

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