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Fat develops lubricant of wind phone equipment successful

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Joint development gave institute of physics of chemistry of Lanzhou of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and company of Chinese oil lubricating oil a few days ago those who have own intellectual property " Kunlun " equipment of card wind phone is special and lubricant grease series product.


The item that holds in Yinchuan is checked and accept on the meeting, the member that the expert is comprised thinks consistently, "Kunlun " equipment of card wind phone is special and lubricant the development of grease series product is successful, the mark is worn our country is in wind phone equipment is special of high-powered lube, grease homebred change research to developed a respect to fetch significant gain, laid good foundation for next comprehensive promotion and application, be sure to be industry of cable of our country wind to reduce it is moving cost, important to reduce the play such as equipment malfunction action.


As we have learned, compare with photograph of traditional the sources of energy, wind energy has reserve rich, clean, technology is opposite the advantage such as maturity, in recent years world each country takes seriously very and develop wind-force to generate electricity. The reserves of wind energy resource of our country special blame is rich, reach the dominant position that wind-force generates electricity in view of the grim situation that at present structure of our country the sources of energy faces and challenge, the country published the industrial policy that a series of stimulative wind report develop early or late, make installed capacity is developing the wind report of our country at full speed in last few years.

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