Southwest methanol market trades atmosphere is reduced flatter quoted price is s

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Business company market of methanol of southwest of dispatch near future traded on September 9 atmosphere is more insipid, demand hasten is weak, manufacturer shipment rein in, quote small are reduced. Respect of unit go into operation, sichuan Lu day changes methanol plant full load to move calm, manufacturer shipment is general; Sichuan river is oily 100 thousand tons / year methanol plant full load moves, 50 thousand tons / year methanol plant still is in in jockeying. Division of day of Sichuan appropriate guest 90 thousand tons / year methanol unit go into operation is normal, shipment circumstance is passable. Chongqing adds up to two sets 350 thousand tons methanol plant moves normally, bear rises gradually, crop increases accordingly, manufacturer continues to implement early days contract, the sale is average. At present mainstream of plain change methanol gives factory quoted price to be in 3100-3300 yuan / ton. Market main trend clinchs a deal in 3100-3200 yuan / ton; Yunnan area is main methanol unit go into operation is normal, supply enough, manufacturer shipment is slower, mainstream factory price is in 3100-3200 yuan / ton. [Close the window]Hit printed books piece article Close the window

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