Scene no longer chemical fibber course of study enters trough gradually

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Industry of dispatch chemical fibber was in business company at present on September 9 periodic trough, this industry appears on the market 25 times net first half of the year 2008 gain is negative growth in the company amount to 15, with growth of annual of net 2007 gain more than 100% companies amount to 11 grand occasion photograph to compare, industry already scene no longer.

Because the RMB appreciates, exit drawback is reduced, the cost that use worker worker increases the influence that waits for an element, downstream spin enterprise faces heavy difficulty, cause a company to raw material purchase a quantity to decrease, stick price of black silk ribbon of glue, ammonia to see a fall after a rise, and cotton pulp dregses of rice, of the chemical fibber raw material such as MDI drop to also make stuck the product value such as black silk ribbon of glue, ammonia to lose prop up. Want to live and develop below this kind of environment, the enterprise must increase the development of new product, raise the additional cost of oneself product. The difference influences ability is existent path. 2008, a few fight bacterium, flame retardant and the difference with commonner advantageous thread turns a few performance fiber still is welcomed by the market, difference of banner, product changes those technologies lead the company with relatively perfect catenary of tall, industry, will surely occupy in market competition first machine.

Appear on the market company outstanding achievement drops considerably compared to the same period. 2008 first half of the year, chemical fibber board piece appear on the market business income of company aggregate implementation 28.7 billion yuan (eliminate ST and new this year a) , grow 0.2% compared to the same period; Implementation profit total 820 million yuan, decrease compared to the same period 49.14% ; Implementation net profit 482 million yuan, decrease compared to the same period 66.04% . Board piece in all 25 appear on the market company, deficit company amounts to 7 first half of the year, 28% what deficit company holds company sum total, on year the corresponding period is 2, the share that the corresponding period had bigger growth last year sticks rubber industry to appear on the market company, wait like chemical fibber of ring of gold of Jilin chemical fibber, Hubei, new rural area, appear first half of the year deficit.

Price of polyester fibber raw material is stable, raw material sticking gum rises in price apparent. From produce can the structure looks, polyester fibber held chemical fibber to always be produced can 80% above, polyester fibber raw material basically is product of petro-chemical downstream polyester, because polyester product is produced can superfluous, its price is done not have as crude price rise considerably and rise, the price is in 11 thousand yuan / or so tons small wave motion. And the chemical industry that in regarding production sticking gum as the process, uses complementary makings is vitriolic wait for product value to rise considerably (vitriolic rise compared to the same period 240%) , space of profit of industry sticking gum is squashed considerably, relevant company profit is added fast put delay to appear even deficit.
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