Shanxi captures coal fund means to weigh revolution

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Business company on September 9 dispatch " newest statistic, coal can develop fund to already collected more than yuan 121 this year continuously, this benefit reachs popular fund, water tries one year in Shanxi between half, collect the forehead to already broke through 220 100 million. " province finance hall says yesterday.

By August when, province finance hall releases an information on its government website, announce to rely on supervisory system of output of complete province coal, the expropriation of more objective justice coal can develop fund continuously, till stop,decrease stage by stage " be responsible for a task unit until it is completed check and ratify " plan impose kind. "Reflect objective basis, compress subjective space, save every mine and coal to plant completely, had man-to-man expropriation at present standard. " the member that management of fund of coal of province finance hall grows Gu Fu everywhere says. 5 units are collected together " in August 2007, province finance is established formally establish coal fund management to be in, at that time, arrive from the country in the province, the creed sex policy that develops fund about can lasting already came on stage in succession, impose administrative policy basic take shape. After place room holds water, more it is to enact tigidity government measure, on survey foundation, publish normative sex and essence to refine policy, utmost decreases in collecting a process subjective with factitious element. " Lei Jianhua of deputy director general of office of government of fund of coal of province finance hall says.

Current, I save coal to be able to develop fund to impose administrative frame system continuously basic already establish -- ,

Collect hall of management department finance to establish office of special coal fund government, be in charge of fund pilot policy is made and collecting management.

Collect bureau of executive tax of main branch land, in coal manufacturing segment undertakes expropriation, supervise big coal user and generation of system of coal transportation and sale to buckle acting capture fund.

Assistance collects a branch, coal having a province sells group of coke of company of the office, motion that save coal, province, be in charge of collecting pay the fund of other and relevant link.

In the meantime, province finance hall established total group of coal fund customs officer technically still, all-around check fund collects management. "I save coal fund to impose a system overall outline, can generalize now check to ask for fill, one year the expropriation of half is carried out also make clear, be in charge of collecting each branch of management and unit to must cooperate closely, form collect join forces. " office of government of fund of coal of province finance hall says. A turnip a hole " although frame system is basic establish, the system that ask for a canal is built basically, but to the half an year after 2007, collect management to work or have not careful, non-standard place. Leave at the beginning of asking for, set what 3 big coal plant coal of cooking coal, anthracitic, motivation to impose a standard only. It is for complete province, some collects fund by cooking coal only, some is collected by dynamical coal, the person caused executive level for subjective element differ. At this point, province finance hall made detailed report to province government. "The 3 big coal that classify by national technology are planted collect standard foundation to go up, we plant coal fractionize goes to 14 kinds, arrange collect to save those who produce mine to coal is planted and produce coal completely next can, undertake on Shanxi daily fair show, demarcate between 8 climate, let coal company ego check, relevant card is offerred to illuminate when disagreeing. Detailed survey deliberate, a few easy fair show draft, very successful. " Lei Jianhua says.
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