Coal makes oily large-scale progress short-term all up

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Business company on September 9 dispatch a few days ago, national hair changes appoint go up formally in its website hang out " the announcement that manages concerned problem about strengthening coal to make oily item " express, besides the god China the coal of the group is direct the Ning Dong coal of liquefacient project and group of divine China peaceful coal and cooperation of company of Suo Er of south Africa Sa is indirect and liquefacient outside two projects, other coal makes oily item uniform stop to carry out.

National hair changes appoint announcement, the future that lets coal make oily item added variable again.

Stem from coal price consideration not just

" announcement " express, because coal makes oily item,making stop is it is talent, technology, capital concentrated model project, investment risk is big, at present Chinese coal makes oil still be in demonstrative project phase, cannot rush into mass action, roll out in the round.

Public figure of many media and industry thinks accordingly, last first half of the year in coal price after violent wind rises still below the setting that perch runs, national hair changes appoint this action intention is apparent.

Reporter from institute of Bohai Sea negotiable securities the report of coal special subject August is pleasant to the eye, current, home already had group of 4 large coal to begin sortie coal to make oily item, around will form 1.32 million tons of / to produce per year 2008 can, according to the program, predict to 2020 the whole nation will form 50 million tons of / year produce can. And make take 1 ton of derv to need 3 tons to arrive 5 tons of high grade coal.

Calculate so come, only the coal that around had begun 2008 makes oily project need 400-600 every year 10 thousand tons high grade coal.

In addition, the data of national statistic bureau shows, coal supply is added this year fast fast 2007, and the industry such as electric power, iron and steel is right of coal demand add fast all slow 2007 the corresponding period. Nevertheless, since this year, coal price however half an year breaks up time, coal reserve from beginning to end on the low side. People can'ts help interrogative: It is what brings about coal to demand exceeds supply, is the price exalted from beginning to end move?

"Ability of 34 tons of coal gives a ton of oil, this is very big to the demand of coal, and coal makes oily item very big also to the demand of water, but the local just that does coal to make oil is the place that lacks water, also be very big to the pressure of resource, environment so. " national hair changes appoint expert of group of leader of energy resources of former director of institute of the sources of energy, nation seeks advice appoint when earth of vice director week is accepting our newspaper reporter to interview, say.

Week earth tells a reporter, this hair changes appoint make stop coal to make oil, it is a very seasonable act, not be for suppress coal price, however the risk of this project is exorbitant.
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