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Business company on September 5 area of dispatch Hua Dong: Mood of fourth pure market holds Hua Dongzheng weak, quote of market main trend is in 14000-14200 yuan / ton, clinch a deal actually 13800-14000 yuan / or so tons, lower even. Hua Zhengding of neat Lu Shi is mellow quote 14020-14320 yuan / ton.

Hua Na area: Local market mood is stable, quote is in 15400 yuan / or so tons, clinch a deal actually in 15300-15400 yuan / or so tons, downstream demand is general, receive goods discretion, the market clinchs a deal the quantity is little.

China north area: Quoted price of fourth pure market is in Hua Beizheng 14600-14700 yuan / or so tons, clinch a deal actually be in 14600 yuan / or so tons, the market is handed in throw an amount general. North is changed 4 Ding Chun factory price 16200 yuan / ton.

Northeast area: Northeast market mood is weak, quote is in 14000 yuan / or so tons, discuss 13900-14000 actually yuan / or so tons, hand in project aura delicate. Fourth alcohol of Daqing petrifaction, Jilin petrifaction leaves factory quote 13400-13700 yuan / ton.

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