Chinese petrifaction: Predicting government will reduce the 3rd quarter to impor

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Chinese petro-chemical Inc. (China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. , SNP, abbreviation: Chinese petrifaction) Dai Houliang Zhou Er weighs financial chief inspector, company predicting government will come in July the drawback of value added tax of entrance crude oil that the firm cuts during September.

Dai Houliang is make on a press conference afore-mentioned denotive, but the scale that he did not show to the government reduces drawback.

He returns complement to say, the finished product oil that government of the 3rd quarter will continue to pay sum to the company this year imports drawback of value added tax.

The analyst expresses, because the government scruples,inflationary menace is not willing to unlock oil of domestic finished product to fix a price, finance support of the government is accordingly crucial to Chinese petrifaction outstanding achievement.
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