Shandong fuel oily market is commented

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180CST 5770-5870 -30 of tall sulfur of straight heat up in a steamer

Russia M100 6020-6130 -30

4550-4680 0 of low sulfur residuum

Oily oar 3800-3900 50

Business company on September 4 dispatch Zhou San (on September 3) appraisal of 180CST of tall sulfur of Korea straight heat up in a steamer is 5770-5870 yuan / ton, drop 30 yuan; Russia M100 appraisal is 6020-6130/ ton, drop 30 yuan. International crude falls increase, singapore fuel oil is fiducial price falls situation is more than, value of oily market of fuel of the entrance inside the area continues to glide considerably.

Low sulfur residuum sells stability. The factory decreases Sheng Hualian stick residuum to quote 4800 yuan / ton, stocks is little; Do not decrease stick residuum to quote 4600 yuan / ton, solid knot keeps balance. Bank oil of fuel of residuum of city petrifaction low sulfur quotes 4780 yuan / ton, stocks is little; Cooking raw material quotes 4550 yuan / ton, clinch a deal privilege is not big. Sheng Hualian factory continues to overhaul, bank city petrifaction near future advocate produce cooking raw material.

Oily oar shipment is good, partial refine factory explores on push. Constant source oily oar 3850 yuan / ton, go up 50 yuan. Capital gain oily oar quotes 4100 yuan / ton, go up 100 yuan, solid knot predicts to push go up to 4000 yuan / ton, refine factory personage expresses, actual shipment is smooth. Other refine factory continues to declare inside the area firm give priority to, wait-and-see market is moved toward. Most market personage expresses, international crude falls situation is more than, be issued to lower levels of weak potential of price of the derv inside the area, value of oily oar market is held firm already pretty good, push go up power is insufficient.

Circumstance of Shandong ground temper with fire, the sea turns a group, qingdao brings country, fu Haishi is changed, cultivate benefit petrifaction, sea petrifaction continues in overhaul of entire plant shutdown. Dong Mingshi turns stop work of 300 thousand tons of catalysis; Shutdown of catalysis of great embellish petrifaction; Mixing group constant decompression start working, catalysis moves; Heng Yuanshi turns stop work of 1.5 million tons of constant decompression; Stone big Sheng Huachang decreases shutdown of press fitting buy, plan entire plant shutdown; China star king urges masked buy shutdown 1 million tons; Collect Feng Shi to change 300 thousand tons of constant decompression to be restricted electric shutdown; Benefit ferry petrifaction plans 5 decompression go into operation, the middle ten days of a month urges amiable departure to be versed in again; Jin Chengshi turns stop work of 500 thousand tons of reforming / 600 thousand tons urge shutdown again; Sea division chemical industry resumes production stage by stage; Birthday light arranges peaceful shutdown of catalysis of 600 thousand tons of heavy oil; with the group device of 1 million tons of cooking is restricted electric shutdown, 100 thousand tons of hydrogenation are overhauled; Beijing Bo Shi turns cooking stop work; Device of sea bitumen catalysis continues in shutdown.
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