Oily market of Hua Na fuel is commented

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Singapore is mixed increase sulfur 180CST 5040-5060 -20 to pass refute price

Singapore is mixed increase library of sulfur 180CST 5040-5060 -20 to raise price

Library of Russia M100 6160-6260 -20 raises price

0 9 of dollar of 72-73 of Russia M100 agio delivers the goods month on October

Business company on September 4 dispatch Zhou San (on September 3) , slump in price of closing quotation of futures of crude oil of yesterday evening WTI, drop 5.75 dollars, to 109.71 dollars / bucket, drop 5 percent. Although now Singapore paper money dish in rebound small tall, but suffer crude price to drop a be a burden on, case of oil price of fuel of market of yellow now Bu continues to drop. Fiducial Singapore is mixed increase sulfur 180Cst, yellow Bu library carries appraisal to continue to reduce, drop be in 20 yuan / ton, to 5040-5060 yuan / ton. The city after majority buys the home to be opposite continues be expected to fall, beg buy valence to be reduced again, drop be in 50 yuan / ton. Huang Bu over-the-counter trading, singapore imports 180csT, buy dish of top quoted price to drop to 4700 yuan / ton, for Dongguan new power; Quoted price of minimum selling the home is in 5070 yuan / ton, anounce for content of Guangzhou peaceful constant, price difference of buying and selling continues to pull wide, be in 370 yuan / ton. Two trade day drops panel height amounts to 90 yuan / ton, average rate falls to 5050 yuan / ton. Local market still did not hear of now have clinch a deal reach, inquiry client is less, the city after yellow Bu fuel is oily still be expected to fall. At present in sea petrifaction is marine fuel oil quoted price is in 5260 yuan / ton, clinch a deal actually privilege. At present this ground market still is in turn to the fuel oil exit, boat that keep tax to offer ceaselessly the market and reappear market of buccal change trains. Unless market user demand appears bigger change, if demand still is,continue fatigued and weak, more importer can increase answer the amount of exit.

Now time quote of residuum of tall sulfur of Yu Hua Hong reduces 200 yuan / ton, reach 4500 yuan / ton, clinch a deal privilege, still be in shutdown condition at present, stocks is not much. Perch of other refine factory holds out valence. Price of residuum of low sulfur of prep above of price of residuum of tall sulfur of factory of small temper with fire of place of near future Guangdong is close 200 yuan / ton, shipment of residuum of tall sulfur of factory of majority small temper with fire is difficult. Express according to personage of some refine factory, as a result of,bringing about price of residuum of tall sulfur of factory of Guangdong small temper with fire to go against the main reason that city maintains by force is maximum pressure of raw material cost. At present quote of tall sulfur residuum is in 4500-4800 yuan / ton, light trading. The personage inside partial course of study is analysed, unless international oil price continues to drop, otherwise price of residuum of local tall sulfur falls too won't big.
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