Strike velar amortization lubricating oil

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Lube of amortization doing film PD-910 lubricant is characteristic
1, for plastic offer with balata component lubricate exceedingly goodly
2, form paper-thin and the lubricant film that does not stick
3, prevent crawl
4, less dosage can cover larger area
5, provide an environment friendly sex, do not destroy ozonosphere
6, cannot burn material, need not explosion proof device
1, cannot light fluorine to change solvent
2, complete fluorine changes oil
3, fluorine changes colophony
MOLYKOTE PD - 910 lubricant are lubricant of special type of a kind of liquid state, embedded solid lubricant and complete fluorine change oil to distribute equably change solvent at cannot lighting fluorine. After using, can form translucence of white of shape of one layer lipoid lubricant film.
1, of phonic resembling, nicety and telescope lubricant
2, of balata component lubricant
3, the gives out acuteness sound that prevents component and component

Producing area: JAPANNorms: 1KG/TINThe price: 00

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