Wholesale carapace card power card of carapace of Dali lube 32/46/68/100 refrige

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Wholesale carapace card power carapace of Dali lube 32/46/68/100 card refrigerator oil Shenzhen city Xin amounts to lube limited company. Hua Na area has agent of lube of industry of dimensions carapace card most. The company is built have large and perfect storage facilities, stock is all ready inventory. Face the whole nation to deliver goods!

Housing card power Dali lube is mineral oil of high grade index of tall viscosity of high dissolvent refined. Can offer for equipment of many industry machine lubricate satisfactorily.

Recommend application

Housing card power Dali lube can be used at slide and rolling bearing, enclosed gear case (gear, helical gear, umbrella gear and eddy gear) , and machine of the circulatory system that celebrate lubricant. This kind of product most agree with specify the system that serves as lube with the mineral oil that does not contain additive.
Housing card power Dali lube is applied to light, medium the industrial application circumstance that spends bear and temperature.

Function feature

Have good oxidation stability. Greasy filth of counteractive oxidation child and other are harmful corporeal formation, ensure oily effective operating period.
Viscosity index is high. The effect that oily viscosity suffers temperature to change is lesser.
The performance that divide water is good, but the water in intromit oil departs quickly with this after the machine is dormant.

Producing area: Zhejiang is producedNorms: 18L/209LThe price: Agreed

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