Bearing grease, high temperature grease, microtherm bearing grease

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Bearing grease, high temperature grease, microtherm bearing grease Grease of bearing of high speed of CaidonMC20 high temperature: Be by high temperature stiff change agent stiff chemical combination to become oil, add much effect to additive refines and be become, it is grease of a kind of high quality synthesis that holds regular job position for a long time in high temperature environment.
Function feature:
● organization structure is flowing, fiber is exquisite, have taller cleanness to spend, can restrain bearing the different sound in locomotive process, contented DN is worth the long-term service requirement of the high speed bearing in 500 thousand above
● is able to bear or endure admirably function of high low temperature, lubricity, good colloid invariability and mechanical invariability
● water proofing property is strong, can touch suffer water to rinse, maintain hardness below capacious temperature limits. Fight oxidation function exceedingly good, it is good to fight abrasiveness, service life of as a result is extremely long, the 5-10 that service life is lithium radical fat times
The high temperature with extremely high ● bears ability and high speed are fought cut capacity, make its issue rise to the occasion in environment of high temperature high speed
Limits of ● use temperature is - 40~230 ℃ , short time amounts to 250 ℃
Recommend application:
What ● applies to environment of high low temperature to issue accurate bearing, electric machinery bearing, miniature bearing is lubricant
What ● applies to all sorts of high speed bearing, high speed to grow grinder of life top motor, high speed and appearance of other high speed and mechanical bearing is lubricant
The auxiliary boiler that ● applies to chemical plant rotates bearing of igneous chew bearing, plastic extruder sleeve, splitting decomposition furnace brings fan of stenter of again fan, angry compressor, drawing, hot frit, heat to finalize the design of the high temperature bearing such as machine lubricant
● is applied to the requirement reduces noise or use the machinery with extremely harsh environment, of place of applicable also high temperature lubricant

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