Synthesize grease of high low temperature completely

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Complete synthesis is tall microtherm grease Product brief introduction
Lukewarm grease of complete synthesis discretion is to use compound lithium yamen runner stiff change purificatory synthesis lubricating oil, add have fight oxygen, antirust the has property of high low temperature complete synthesis that wait for a variety of additive to refine and becomes is compound grease. Use temperature limits is - 220 ℃ of 60 ~ , of the scroll bearing that applies to high temperature, high speed or freezing area fieldwork and job of wide temperature limits lubricant. Have exceedingly good high temperature stability and fight oxidation ability, intermittence work environment can achieve 240 ℃ , agglomeration phenomenon won't appear below high temperature, maintain its perfect quality of a material and lubricant effect. Because base oil used the synthetic lubricating oil of low condensation point, added the additive of function of aggrandizement low temperature, although outdoors is freezing,accordingly environment and environment of lab low temperature fall, this grease still can maintain outstanding liquidity, produce its outstanding lubricant result. Synthesize grease of high low temperature to still have good conglutinate performance, moistureproof wet function and capacity of antirust and anticorrosive protection completely, reduce high temperature prediction of a person's luck in a given year while, make lubricant component gets anticorrosion, antirust corrode, waterproof wait for overall protection. Synthesize the main function characteristic of grease of high low temperature to include:
The performance of high low temperature with excellent ◆ , good liquidity is had below microtherm environment, good thermal stability is had below environment of high temperature work, suit the equipment of high temperature high speed below freezing environment very much.
The oxidation invariability with exceedingly good ◆ , mechanical and stable performance and colloid invariability, avoid and reduce grease prediction of a person's luck in a given year and metamorphism of grease high temperature.
◆ defends damp, waterproof beautiful jade and antirust and anticorrosive performance goodly, lubricant unit is OK overall protection gets below high temperature and microtherm operating mode.
Representative application
The equipment of freezing area fieldwork, of all sorts of bearing of project machine or burden car, gear, chain and component of other drive machinery lubricant, be like the heavy machinery of open air of high cold area, mine equipment, oil field machinery and all sorts of deferent equipment.

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