Oily market level of Fuzhou area finished product is dynamic on September 5

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Business company on September 5 dispatch resource of oily market of this area finished product is passable, general and wait-and-see psychology is heavier, market demand not flourishing, trade insipid, in derv of petrifaction company steam is normal shipment, shipment not free, oily firm gas is unlocked external in, derv sells an user to give priority to continuously with terminal, at present the price, price of petrifaction 90# gas is 7380 yuan in / ton, 93# gas price is 7680 yuan / ton, 97# gas price is 8050 yuan / ton, 0# derv price is 7330 yuan / ton, quoted price of oily 90# gas is 7172 yuan in / ton, 93# gas quoted price is 7602 yuan / ton, 0# derv price is 7250 yuan / ton (build carry out) with benzine, sell the price to be 7400 yuan continuously to terminal / ton, price of derv of social unit 0# is 7400 yuan / or so tons. [Close the window]Hit printed books piece article Close the window

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