Oily market level of Tianjin area finished product is dynamic on September 5

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Business company on September 5 dispatch resource of oily market of this area finished product is passable, general with wait-and-see give priority to, the operation is not active, market demand is general, derv of petrifaction company steam is sold normally in, sale status not beautiful, oily company still has 5# derv to go out external only in goods. At present the price, price of petrifaction 93# gas is 7945 yuan in / ton, 97# gas price is 8494 yuan / ton, 0# derv price is 7230-7260 yuan / ton, quoted price of oily 90# gas is 7300 yuan in / ton, 93# gas quoted price is 7587 yuan / ton, 97# gas quoted price is 8189 yuan / ton, 5# derv quote is 7050 yuan / ton. Circumstance of market retail prices: 90# gas price is 5.6 yuan / litre, 93# gas price is 6.03 yuan / litre, 97# gas price is 6.38 yuan / litre, 0# derv price is 6.12 yuan / litre [close the window]Hit printed books piece article Close the window

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