Oily market level of Taiyuan area finished product is dynamic on September 5

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Business company on September 5 dispatch resource of oily market of this area finished product is passable, market demand is general, trade to be shown slightly insipid, in oily shipment of petrifaction company finished product is not much, in oily company diesel oil external not shipment, shipment of oily whole of each unit finished product not beautiful, quote at present, price of petrifaction 90# gas is 7550 yuan in / ton, 93# gas price is 7700 yuan / ton, 97# benzine does not have quote, 0# derv price is 7400 yuan / ton, price of oily 90# gas is 7300 yuan in / ton, 93# gas quoted price is 7658 yuan / ton, without goods, 0# derv quote is 7400 yuan / ton, external basic not shipment. Circumstance of market retail prices: 90# gas price is 5.68 yuan / litre, 93# gas price is 6.07 yuan / litre, 97# gas price is 6.47 yuan / litre, 0# derv price is 6.32 yuan / litre. [Close the window]Hit printed books piece article Close the window

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