If why handle fat the leak problem of lubricant system pipeline

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Striking oil (grease) in centralizing lubricant system, can cause Sunday run steeliness because of mechanical vibration sometimes or plastic cop is defeated by fat is in join a place burst, create the problem of leak. "You can solve this problem with flame retardant high pressure rotary hose. " the experience that some refine factory was in charge of the Ma Gong that equipment safeguards introducing them:

"In us the fan dry oil of the workshop centralizes lubricant system in, we replaced stainless steel tube with garden hose, can resist more so the vibration in the environment.

Once upon a time, the pipe that maintains these attaint is a our main job, of course, if pipe cannot get seasonable rehabilitate, the cost that causes fan bearing damage taller, harm is greater.

Now, bearing supplier begins to complain: Be in our refine factory, they also cannot sell an elephant so much before bearing and bearing again. They also cannot sell an elephant so much before bearing and bearing again..

Press oil to be in use process, cut in catalysis of temperature, air, metal, machinery, the action that wait issues harmful medium, its comprise medium base oil to be able to produce the reaction such as oxidation, cracking, polymerization, function becomes poor gradually, additive in use also is used up gradually and invalidation, bring about function to drop.

The hydraulic pressure oil of use metamorphism can cause the damage of hydraulic pressure component, destroy hydraulic pressure system to work normally, premature oil change can create waste, to protect facility, master appropriate oil change period appear very important. Common equipment manufacturer or the commendation that lube produces business to have oil change period are worth, but these commendation is directiveness only, because of operating mode of each user facilities and environmental differ in thousands ways, lube metamorphism degree differs very far, because this answers to undertake monitoring to using oil, press simple oil change. Watch 1, 2 listed respectively the oil change index of the hydraulic pressure oil of different quality grade. [Close the window]Hit printed books piece article Close the window

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