Pressure shoot drift lubricant

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In die-casting production process, every are pressed shoot, drift must fall to be contacted with metallic fluid in trends, and with press room attrition. Those who control the movement of drift of agile and reliable hang on that shoots orgnaization sport is flowing, reach its and press the clearance between the room to keep stable. This has good lubricant performance with respect to requirement lubricant, because drift is,leave the job in the condition of high-pressured high temperature again, also ask drift lubricant must satisfy its specific operating mode requirement, undertake lubricating effectively to force plunger drift and cylinder bushing, make wear away and block dead probability to drop lowermost limit. Of drift lubricate to was not taken seriously duely all along, often because lubricate undesirable and cause following consequence:

1. presses the service life that shoots drift to reduce.

2. presses those who shoot drift the room is very fast be worn away.

3. lubricant move arrives on cast, bring about percent defective tall.

Pressure the performance that shoots a system is excellent to production press cast, control to fill model during and fill model the metallic pressure after, and pressure shooting the metallic bulk inside profiling and speed to wait is crucial.

Press goodly shoot drift lubricant to should satisfy following requirement:

The high temperature with good 1. becomes velar sex and high temperature lubricity.

Capacity of 2. gas generation is little.

The hangover after 3. burns is few.

4. flash point is appropriate tall.

Be in abroad, what use generally all the time still is with fat dose black lead is given priority to, method of lubrication uses eject or trickle more bring to bear on method. Home does not have appropriative drift lubricant before, it is to use black lead of mix into of useless engine oil for the most part. Brush besmear with the brush commonly, dosage slants much easier be involved in antrum and influence cast quality, operation environment is dirtier. After 80 time, abroad already had the drift lubricant that does not contain black lead. Be in our country, rise as what die-casting produces a standard, the requirement of environmental protection also mentions the order of the day gradually, increase blame black lead model the development success of lubricant coating and promotion use the pattern, have distinct effect to improving cast quality and environment of processing die-casting production. For example coating of fat radical of lubricant of drift of FCR-1 blame black lead die-casting and DFY-1.

Because control the function that shoots an orgnaization,be the metal hydraulic pressure is entered model antrum, press those who shoot a process shoot the vital technology parameter such as pressure, filling velocity by pressure shoot an orgnaization to decide. Accordingly, press the dependability that shoots orgnaization movement to affect cast quality and work efficiency greatly. Although the influence presses the element that shoots orgnaization job status is many sided, but in other element certain premise falls, good drift lubricant is reducing machine down time, raise stuff of work efficiency, managing metal, raise the respect such as cast quality to produce positive effect.
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