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In some China and foreign countries joint-stock food processing factory is in charge of lubricant purchasing Mr Wang of the job to feel very bemused to the term of a few lubricant, he asks: Biology degradation, avirulent with provision level, are these term meanings same?

Food is machined and lubricant protects machinery. These lubricant must satisfy food / health and safe code, in case divulge also answer avirulent, without smell, insipidity. In addition, after the person that use also is necessary to understand these lubricant to be eroded in machining a process, can cause an effect to the environment.

The fundamental definition of foreign concerned orgnaization to these 3 term is below.

Biology degradation:

According to international Organization for Standardization (ISO) definition, biology degradation is to as a result of,point to organic material commonly the action of active organism, in the molecular degradation in water medium. Experiment of a few kinds of standards can determine biology degradation ability, include CEC L-33-T82 of European Coordination Committee (21 days need the product degradation of at least 66% ) .

Feed grade lubricant:

American Ministry of Agriculture (USDA) developed one individual department, divide provision level lubricant 3 kinds: H1, H2, H3.

H1 kind lubricant is used in the place that may contact with food accidentally; H2 lubricant is to point to lubricant of blame provision level, use in the place that has a contact impossibly with food; H3 lubricant is provision level lubricant, be like typically but edible is oily, use protective hook, go-cart and other similar device.


It is to show lubricant is healthy to the mankind potential effect, include what cause possibly to cause the healthy problem such as stimulation of cancer, mouth, eye, skin. The noxiousness in water can use LD50 of half dead quantity to measure, through putting colourful salmon in the water that contains 100ppm lubricant 96 hours, if have half salmon,survive to pass.

Allocate provision level lubricant place basically has a plant with base oil oily, mineral synthesis is white oil, oily, in order to satisfy the special requirement such as sex of its biology degradation, noxiousness, colour and lustre and flavour. Current, KLUBER of following more well-known trademark, OPTIMOL, ANDEROL, Avatar, TOTALFINAELF, DOWCORNING, LUBTEK, Brugarolas, BEL-RAY, Lubriplate has abroad product of provision level lubricant. The PQ that resembles ANDEROL company feeds grade lube: PQAA 10, 20, 30, 40 (ISO viscosity: 32, 46, 100, 150) , PQAA 10, 20, 30 reach 40 obtain USDA H1 to approbate. Its PQ feeds grade lube, get industry of treatment of canister of food treatment, bake, bottle, outfit, carnivorous and pharmacy manufacturer of numerous and original equipment is approbated, basically apply at hydraulic pressure system, vavuum pump, compressor, bearing and gear, agree with those who slide face, slideway reachs chain is lubricant, still can use as clean oil. The another PQ of ANDEROL company feeds grade grease: PQ40AA-1 and - 2 (color: White, consistency is: 1, 2, thickener: Compound aluminium base) , PQ40AA-1 and - 2 have FDA to approbate, accord with USDA H1 compasses, have admirable bear to bear the weight of force, fight water to rinse function, fight rustily reach oxidation function, have extremely the shears of actor force stabilizes function, the either that applies at having a contact with food accidentally closes bearing.
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