Method of lubrication of commonly used lube and device

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1. handiwork lubricating system

Use sauce boat by jockey or oil gun Xiang Run's bit more slippery oily aperture, oily reach grease cup to cheer call handiwork to give oil-lubricated, the slip face that basically is used at carrying low speed, gently to work with intermittence, gear opening type, chain and other and individual attrition deputy. Cheer a quantity to rely on worker feeling and experience to try to control.

2. Drop-feed lubrication

Drop-feed lubrication basically uses grease cup to offer oil to lubricant dot. Commonly used grease cup has: Grease cup of dribble of action of cup of needle type oiling, pressure. Grease cup is multi-purpose the light metal such as aluminium or aluminium alloy formulates framework, the examination aperture of cup wall is multi-purpose and transparent plastic or glass is made, so that observe its interior oil level.

1) needle type pours grease cup

The dribble of cup of this kind of oiling measures the control that gets needle, the discretion of the oil level in grease cup can be affected directly through needle the dribble of annular clearance is measured.

2) presses grease cup of strength effect dribble

The underside of this kind of grease cup has a needle, lever of its a powerful person extends exterior join to adjust through the operation crock on grease cup nut. Of a powerful person case shut the piston that pressing through bedspring by the exhaust of compressor to try to control, the nut on lever of usable a powerful person will adjust the dribble quantity of grease cup.

Lube of type of 3) slip stitch cup

This kind of lubricant grease cup is installed directly commonly in attrition deputy on, the action that through chafing generation pump sends pair of slight perpendicular vibration, make the hole wears oil to the slip stitch drops and lubricate attrition deputy.

4) heat expands grease cup

This kind of grease cup by attrition deputy temperature change is controlled. Chafe the canal passes pair of metal that medium temperature change carries grease cup to grease cup on antrum makes among them air expands or contractive. When air expands, the atmospheric pressure inside cavity increases above grease cup, force a few lube to pour out of grease cup to send attrition deputy; And when air is contractive, oil shedding stops namely, so continuous movement. This kind of grease cup adds kinetic friction of spontaneously of people of talent first in certain requirement deputy on cannot apply.

5) presses oiling cup continuously

As a result of,this kind presses oiling cup continuously below its oil storage implement can maintain constant oil pressure, can assure so automatic and even for oil.

Grease cup of 6) even dribble

Lube from above oil storage implement a powerful person that goes up through waving in float repeatedly, complement arrives the oil storage below implement, send toward attrition secondary oily volume relies on needle to adjust.
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