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Lube common sense
Can 1. internal-combustion engine oil also say to do why to plant oily?

Crankcase is engine oil, motor oil, oily.

The SC in 2. gas engine oil, SD, SE, SF, SG, SH, SI, SJ has He Hanyi, does the CC in diesel engine oil, CD, CE, CF have He Hanyi?

SC, SD, SE, SF, SG, SH, SI, SJ is American oil society (API) about gasoline engine oily quality grade is classified; CC, CD, CE, CF is American oil society (API) about diesel engine oily quality grade is classified. The performance characteristics of these a few level and quality class are ordinal and elevatory.

3. what is multistage internal-combustion engine oily, is there He Youliang property?

The oil with multistage oily internal-combustion engine is tasted provided microtherm and high temperature area two viscosity limits, can use in Xia Tong of certain zone winter, be all the year round spendable oil is tasted. Be like 15W/40, 10W/30.

Multistage oil has performance of good microtherm cold start-up, vapor is warm inferior when, can satisfy appropriate fluidity and pump to send a gender.

Is there He Hanyi in 4.15W/40? How much is applicable temperature limits?

The W in the viscosity brand that oil tastes is Winnter (winter) word head, show this oil has good microtherm performance, winter Bi Ke is used, belong to multistage oil. 15W/40 is applied to - the limits of 40 ℃ of 15 ℃ ~ .

Does 5. oil pressure cross the main reason of the bottom?

(1) engine oil viscosity is too low (2) engine oil metamorphism or viscosity are too big (3) engine oil filter jams. (4) the system that offer oil jams.

6. why is confidential of pressure boost derv used in engine oil of high-grade diesel engine?

Power temperature of big, negative loading, job is high, easy generation carbon deposit and knot are anxious, high-grade diesel engine is had in better fight invariability of high temperature oxidation and good kosher and dispersive sex, can effective prevent a piston to wear away. And common derv engine oil satisfies the operating mode with pressure boost slashing diesel engine to ask hard.

Is 7. car gear oil used in those place of traffic facilities?

Use gear-box, difference with the hand that waits at car of machine of car, tractor, project fast implement, rear gear case and turn to an orgnaization to go up.

8. what is steam / does Chai Tong use internal-combustion engine oil?

Oil can use general internal-combustion engine at gasoline engine, can use at diesel engine again, its development basically is to solve car of steam, derv to mix the problem that poses motorcade to use oily disorder. For example: SE/CC engine is used at asking to use the benzine car of engine oil of SE class steam in oil, can use at asking to use the derv car of engine oil of CC class derv again.
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