China Lubricants Refining Technology Exhibition was held in November

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The annual "China International Lubricating Grease and Refining Technology Exhibition" will be held November 3-5 this year at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center re-opened. Recently, the exhibition of the work is intense preparation. According to project leader said, now stands than the previous year sales faster rate of progress, there are five months away from carrying out time, the show had sold more than half of the booth told Hope. PetroChina, Sinopec, the two countries The leading enterprises in the show still provides about 300 square meters each. The next show will shift focus to overseas brands participating organizations and the audience to visit the organization, so that can show both the full amount and quality, both To ensure that exhibitors and assured the audience. Looking back at the previous show held so far, a total of nearly 700 domestic and overseas enterprises to participate in some, the total number of visits of 3.7 million people, has been the support units, relevant industry associations, professional media and the majority of exhibitors and visitors of the same Praise. Five years, the show continue to mature and grow, with its high quality organizations, international professional operation, serious and responsible attitude and high quality services, access to and gradually a solid brand position in the industry, as Lubricants for the domestic as well as the whole of Asia's largest exhibition, event branding concern. As U.S. pig iron companies safety and lubricants distributor in China Zhang agent and as manager truthfully say: We are the fourth and fifth of the exhibitors, since participated in the exhibition, we feel really good choice for a Decided, in just three days show in it for us to explore the Chinese market, understanding customer needs in China provides a good channel, which is our very recognition of an exhibition! This is my American boss honestly evaluated. Another example (Taiwan) China Petroleum lubricants division manager also commented: Since we took part in the China International Lubricating Grease and Refining Technology Exhibition later, our "country of light" products, technology promotion efforts and Influence continue to be welcome in China, we have always believed that the effect of the exhibition is to promote other forms can not be replaced. A manufacturer of high-speed press equipment branch of Japanese companies in Shanghai, said Hu, as The audience did not know we had such lubricants such professional exhibitions, its equipment, we solve the oil find difficult to match provides a good channel, we will meet with the different equipment Technical questions to contact the show, exhibitors of different objects, but also to understand the oil fields of the latest technology so much, really did not expect such a benefit. In order to better for the majority of oil companies to provide the best marketing platform, "the sixth China International Lubricating Grease and Refining Technology Exhibition" From the professional point of view the organizers of the general oil industry colleagues Some tips, suggestions and hope, I hope now some of our oil change business concerns to participate in exhibitions held, denied, wait and see attitude, only a reference for marketing decisions: First, participation in exhibitions to achieve five goals: 1, the basic objectives: (1) to understand the industry in which your company status and development trend of peer (2) understanding of industry competition, test their competitive strength (3) understand the new market dynamics, new trends, sharing of experiences (4) to new markets, new customers about your company and products (5) to seek new business opportunities, find new partners; 2, advocacy and communication objectives: (1) the establishment of personal relationships (2) to enhance corporate image (3) understand customer needs (4) to collect market information (5) to strengthen the relationship with the media (6) to reach new customers (7) to understand the situation counterparts (8) tap the potential of existing customers (9) Training of staff of the market research, market, and presumably the ability to cultivate the market; 3, price target: (1) understand the scope for market pricing and pricing (2) product pricing and services to market 4, the sales target: (1) expand the sales network (2) find a new agent (3) maintain the existing network channels 5, product technology goals: (1) introduced the latest technology products (2) introducing new technology (3) the peer of new products, new technologies (4) to understand the market for products, technologies, services, acceptance of Second, participation in exhibitions in three major characteristics: 1, the contact volume: in a few days of the exhibition period, exhibitors can usually access the entire industry or market, most of the clients, much more than a year using conventional means much more in contact with the customer, any other interpersonal Means of communication such as phone calls, to visit and so can not be in such a short time exposure to so many customers. 2, contact a wide range: you can contact to include existing customers, potential customers, suppliers, agents, customers and all customers, the companies, usually to strengthen the relationship and extensive contact with existing customers and new customers More difficult, takes a lot of time and effort, but in the exhibition, companies can compare easily between exposure to many new and old customers. 3, the contact effect: mainly in the quality and exchange of quality visitors. The audience is basically a professional exhibition industry professionals, is the selection by the organizers of the exhibition attracted to through professional channels, and these Most visitors with ordering or influence the decision, many of them is the supply of key people and decision makers. Exhibition environment for the exchange of high-quality, visit the exhibition is an active act, came to the exhibition is to The contact, communication, information gathering, to discuss trade. Therefore, visitors at the open mental state, in this state, its much easier to communicate. In addition, the exhibition provides a direct two-way face to face Access modes of communication, one way is better than other media to promote indirect way. Third, the exhibition's two major hope Modern exhibition is not simply the sense of product sales, it is also the enterprises in the entire market value and reflects the strength of enterprises, more enterprises expand the market performance of specific acts. Sincerely hope that each row based lubrication Industry and expect to have long-term development of enterprises to be included in the exhibition into the overall planning of marketing! At the same time, I hope every oil industry colleagues, through our show, in the shortest possible time, in the smallest space Years, with the least cost, and market development and product marketing, the maximum effect! I believe we are "The Sixth China International Lubricating Oil Grease and Refining Technology Exhibition" will has more and more successful for you, "lubrication" China Market, can work with you, "oil" world!

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