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Market of lubricant of Chinese high end, the portion of 80 % all the time by abroad well-known trademark is occupational, by person for " 28 myth " . Current, this one myth already was broken by card of home made product

1992, chinese lubricant market opens to the outside world, jiashiduo, Foss, path amounts to Sen Meifu of housing card, dust gram, BP the famous international brand such as Er, a many ground came China. Come for years, foreign brand holds high-end market all the time the sale portion of 80% , this one phenomenon, of the brand is ocean that is weighed by the personage inside course of study " 28 myth " .

Chinese lubricant market basically has three-ply power at present: It is with in petrochemical " the Great Wall " the petrolic in mixing " Kunlun " the enterprise of large and state-owned lube that is a delegate; 2 be wait for the enterprise of the lube that cross a state for the delegate more with He Jiashi of housing card, beautiful inspire confidence in sb, BP; 3 it is the enterprise of civilian battalion lube that is a delegate with uniting petrifaction to wait. In September 2006, housing card buys unified share, housing card rises in the rank of Chinese lubricant market the 3rd.

Spaceflight science and technology, promotion " the Great Wall " brand pulling force

In recent years, with in petrifaction " the Great Wall " the indigenous industry that lube is a delegate, in the market multichannel assault rises abruptly quickly, of foreign brand " 28 myth " already was overturned thoroughly. Relevant data shows, foreign 2007 brand already fell in the portion of market of lubricant of Chinese high end to 60 % , native land brand is climbed litre to 40 % .

"In recent years native land brand is climbed quickly in high-end market share litre, great Wall lube ' spaceflight character ' result of surveyor's pole action cannot be done not have. " the personage inside course of study is accepting such assessments when interviewing. Industrial product is civil class, industry level by utility cent, army grade and space navigation class 4 grade, among them the foremost edge that space navigation class represented science and technology to develop. China is the minority on the world a few can develop manufacturing spaceflight the country of lubricant product. Can satisfy spaceflight requirement, "The Great Wall " the actual strength that proved oneself to go up in lube research and development and production.

River of Zhao of vise general manager of company of Chinese petrifaction lube thinks, the analysis of afore-mentioned personages not without the truth. In recent years, along with " god 5 " , " god 6 " spacecraft and " goddess in the moon approachs a month " flying Apsaras is successful, chinese spaceflight career gets world attention fully, right now, career of service China spaceflight tens of year Great Wall lube, also went from the behind the curtain downstage. Below such setting, the Great Wall lubricant that choice and spaceflight class lube develop on same platform, make the choice with numerous car brand-new user. "The Great Wall " the lube success on connotation of science and technology, shook greatly foreign brand is in the number one position of high-end market.
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