Global lube rose in price greatly in September go up most be as high as 26%

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Last week, xue Tiege (CITGO) announces to rise from September 1, 2008, all brands that will leave factory to the company, norms that pack (also comprise bulk) reach all grade lube to taste undertake going up moving the price; Go up for 18% . Xue Tiege says, lube is tasted rise in price to basically suffer the base oil, additive, material that pack to reach carriage cost to wait rise element influence.

Because raw material rises continually, BP fine fact is much (Castrol) already edited again July 6 value of product of its company lubricating oil; When June 18 this company already went up tone crosses product value. Many all to its car uses BP fine fact lube, industry lube and other assist sexual product, move on 26% , include all specification that pack among them; Will carry out effectively on August 4, 2008.

It is reported, last week Kang Fei (ConocoPhillips) , housing card (Shell) , dust gram Sen Meifu (ExxonMobil) and Xue Folong (Chevron) alleges external, lube product value is moved on near future general; The main reason that case rises in price on is base oil, additive and the cost such as the material that pack rise.

Kang Fei (ConocoPhillips) already informed each at before last week big agency, will implement the price after adjusting formally on August 27, 16% above are moved on it is reported.

Housing card (Shell) the company also says to will be opposite its company lubricating oil tastes the attune on the price 14% ; Will carry out effectively on September 10.

Xue Folong (Chevron) also suggests its sell the mix on business each are big minutes lube fat price, go up in 18% above, carried out effectively on September 8.

Dust gram Sen Meifu (the lube product value that ExxonMobil) declares all brands and blame brand last week (include groovy lube to taste reach synthetic grease kind) , the most rising amount to 18% , will carry out effectively on September 1. [Close the window]Hit printed books piece article Close the window

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