Housing card lube adjusts product line to use brand-new pack

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Housing card lube starts the brand with the massest throughout history and product 3 days to weigh model move in Beijing: Below the banner 3 cart use engine oil of lube brand steam " happy force " , bavin engine oil " interest bully " with autocycle engine oil " love heart is princely " adjust product line in the round and use brand-new pack.

Ke Laien of well-known advisory company points out international, review the whole world, lubricant market is mature with each passing day already, but good luck still is mixed in China India. To 2020, lube consumption of China can exceed the United States, make the lubricant market with the biggest whole world. Be in China, housing card was in 2007 after unified to Beijing buying, rank in Chinese lubricant market the 3rd, be next to those who hold dominant position of favourable geographical position is medium petrifaction and in oil, make an entrance the first brand.

Inland of China of business of housing card lube and Shen Jian of president of Hong Kong area express, 10 come for years, chinese car market was experienced from do not have have, from the great change that starts to develop to high speed. In this process, good luck and challenge coexist. Although today, persistent growth had let Chinese market make the 2nd big market of business of housing card whole world, but new challenge also subsequently and come. Strategy of sex of the look up before the challenge that comes from environmental protection to use each field such as innovation of technology of the sources of energy, engine and market competition code, effectively asks housing card lube must be applied grabs anticipate opportunity. [Close the window]Hit printed books piece article Close the window

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