Housing card lube is tasted newly rise in price 5%-6%

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Report from our correspondent (reporter Zhang Yan) yesterday, housing card holds a press conference in Beijing, roll out brand-new pack, brand-new assorted car uses lube product. According to reporter understanding, price photograph rose than former and congener product 5%-6% .

Because Ⅲ of motor vehicle country discharged a standard to carry out on July 1 this year, new environmental protection code asks car decreases discharge, this raised higher level and quality requirement to lube. In the meantime, new the additional value that violent wind of round of oil price raises requirement lube to must increase fuel economy respect. Housing card decides to adjust a car to use lube product line in the round. Involve below the banner 3 cart this to use lube brand: Steam engine oil - engine oil of happy force, bavin - interest bully and autocycle engine oil - love heart is princely. The product is updated on the technology not only, pack also look brand-new.

Those who deserve attention is, the price of these new products, relative to former and congener product, rose in price 5%-6% . To this, china of housing card lube sells general manager to thank bright explanation, this is equivalent to cost rising only partial 2/3, do not eliminate to still can rise in price later. Rise in price prime cause is this year since international oil price rises considerably, bring about lube price of base oil of important raw material breaks up time.

Inland of China of business of housing card lube and Shen Jian of president of Hong Kong area say, the brand spirit after updating is " challenge to control only " , the international oil price that serves as important raw material rises, it is one of challenges that they should face. [Close the window]Hit printed books piece article Close the window

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